Significant Accomplishments:

Michelle provided financial management services to a small business client operating on a cash basis with minimal financial accountability and transformed the company into a viable business with full financial records. The business owner was able to acquire bank loans, hire more employees, provide proper worker’s compensation insurance and offer employee’s health insurance. In addition, she instituted protective measures geared toward the owner’s future financial needs.

Michelle provided tax planning, preparation services to clients consisting of high-income business owners, and professionals to low-income service level workers and students. She represented clients during Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Audits with no adverse adjustments from the filled tax return.

Michelle consulted with Real Estate Industry clients on methods for reclaiming previous net income losses that resulted in reduced tax liabilities of up to 50 percent. Michelle provided asset management services including market timing and selection of investment vehicles advice to minimize the tax effects. Michelle’s negotiated tax settlement strategies exceed 95 percent success rate in IRS acceptance.

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